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Staveley Town Council

Staveley In Bloom

Since 2010, Staveley Town Council has entered East Midlands in Bloom.  The aim of the competition is to encourage the improvement of our surroundings through the imaginative use of trees, shrubs, flowers and landscaping.  It aims to achieve a litter free and sustainable environment.  The idea is to involve the whole community for the benefit of everyone.


In Bloom leads to:

  • Increase in civic pride through local people taking on the planning and managment of thier environment

  • Long term improvement in their local environment through planting floral displays and improved cleanliness

  • A boost to the local economy through increased tourism

  • Regeneration of disadvantaged areas
  • Stimulation of voluntary work and co-operation between community groups
  • Addressing issues such as sustainability, recycling, minimising waste and conservation 


In 2011 Staveley scored 109 points out of a possible 200 and won a Bronze Award.  Judging for 2012 took place on a very wet Friday 6th July - we won't know this year's score until the results are revealed in September but if you would like to download a copy of the portfolio click here.   

Staveley Town Council are very proud that one of the highlights of the town in the summer is our beautiful hanging baskets; sponsored by local businesses and planted up by Staveley Hall Garden Centre, we are very grateful for the support which makes such a great display for the people of Staveley. To sponsor the hanging baskets or contribute to Staveley in Bloom, please download the form here



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